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What could be causing: Error 500: CRRCD9004E The Root Services are not defined on the Data Collection admin page

Daniel Ruebush (9714487) | asked Aug 03 '16, 6:58 p.m.
Hi All,
I'm getting an Error 500: CRRCD9004E The Root Services are not defined on
the Data Collection admin page

When accessing the Data Collection (/dcc) page and error Error 500: CRRCD9004E The Root Services are not defined. shows up.

08/02/2016 14:56:16,056 [http-bio-9443-exec-22 @@ 14:56
<unauthenticated> <
/dcc/datacollection/resource/schedule/ods] INFO
datacollection.service.internal.DataCollectionService  - CRRCD0000I
Response in status code 500
08/02/2016 14:56:36,820 [dcc: AsynchronousTaskRunner-1 @@ 14:56] ERROR
TaskScheduler  - CRRCD9004E The Root Services are not defined.

Looking into the ccm.log I see:
2016-04-15 10:01:56,629 [jts: AsynchronousTaskRunner-2 @@ 10:01] ERROR
service.internal.discovery.ServiceRegistrationTask  - CRJAZ1678E Error
during service contribution registration from CRJAZ1670E The
service contributions could not be updated for the
d1f181ea-16f8-4721-a9ae-c11ea7ffde0f application from this web address:
... Connection refused

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Christopher Robinson (571617) | answered Aug 03 '16, 7:02 p.m.
I would check to see if the server itself can resolve the hostname If not, attempt to add the line to the /etc/hosts file.

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