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Attribute of a link requirement change

lakshmi shree (5711743) | asked Jul 28 '16, 2:53 a.m.
 If i change an attribute of a linked requirement, does it change the attribute of the associated requirement automatically?

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Keith Collyer (456511) | answered Jul 28 '16, 5:44 a.m.
I assume by this you mean an instance of the same attribute in a linked requirement? As opposed to displaying the lined attribute in a view?
  1. The answer to the first is no, it does not, and (generally) it should not. DNG has no way of knowing what the relationship is between the attributes in the two requirements, even if they are instances of the same attribute. If I change the priority of my stakeholder requirement, it is up to you to decide if that should change the priority of your linked system requirement. And of course, Primary Test is an attribute, and you certainly would not want that changing. You could conceivably write a script to do this, of course.
  2. The answer to the second is that it should change, as this is simply retrieving the value from the linked requirement and displaying it. You may have to refresh the view to get this to appear, of course.
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