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6.0.1 CSV import to RDNG - how to build hierarchy?

Cliff Sadler (62717) | asked Mar 15 '16, 4:30 p.m.
 OK smart people.
In D9 days, we had a couple of techniques for building hierarchy in a flat imported spreadsheet.  Bravo,.
In RDNG, a lot of this has been built in to the new importer.  So, this shifts the huge burden of work to populating an attribute called ParentBinding.
ParentBinding uses a "contrived" Identifier column (usually a liner fill of integers for each row in your spreadsheet) to reference what row a given row is a child of.  This works fine on import, but even my "small" imports coming into a new Jazz installation are 3,500 rows of which 500 plus are headings.  Think and punch in a number is a very time consuming, and error prone process.
I have been experimenting with all kinds of ideas using D9 and DXL and not, and I think it's going to boil down to figuring out some kind of Excel macro to infer the majority if not all values to plug into ParentBinding.
I'll be posting in the usual Excel sites, but I wanted to post here in case someone has done some forward work on this problem.  Note that RDNG import has been a moving target (improving all the time) over the past few releases, and 6.0.1 continues to add to it.
I've attached an example, and an example of one filled out.  The column we could use for guessing looks like what's in the example, called Legacy ID.  Obviously heading hierarchy and requirement identification using x.x.x-A  x.x.x-B and so on.  That column could be instrumented somewhat to be more normalized (i.e. add a child section level for the information rows, and change the A B C to sub level numbers.
If we solve this, I think it will really help movement and adoption of RDNG for us Compliance Bound customers.
Apparently I have not earned enough "credit" to be able to post anything.  Look up the ParentBinding attribute for RDNG importing to see an example.

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Cliff Sadler (62717) | answered Mar 15 '16, 4:35 p.m.
 Completed looks like this:
Identifier ParentBinding Legacy ID Artifact Type isHeading Primary Text
2 1 Information FALSE Information text
4 3 2.1 Heading TRUE A Particular System
5 4 2.1.1 Heading TRUE Introduction
6 5 Information FALSE Information text
7 4 2.1.2 Heading TRUE Data System Requirements
8 7 Information FALSE Information text
9 7 Heading TRUE Data Packet and Time Division
10 9 Requirement FALSE Requirement Text

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