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How to run Selenium test cases using RQM

Shamik Sen (111) | asked Jun 21 '16, 10:54 a.m.

In order to run Selenium test cases using JUNITAdpator, what are the prerequisites?
Do we need to install RQM in our test machine?


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Ara Masrof (3.1k15) | answered Jun 21 '16, 11:24 a.m.
I would start here:
Running JUnit Selenium adapter execution tests

There are four sub topics on this page that should be helpful as well (The links are accessible from the page above)

Configuring JUnit Selenium adapters
To implement a JUnit Selenium adapter, you must first configure it.

Starting JUnit Selenium adapters
After you configure the JUnit Selenium adapter, you can start the adapter from a command prompt for the first time.

Creating and running Selenium scripts in the Quality Management application
You can create a reference to a Selenium script just as you would create any script in the Quality Management application.

Adding screen captures created by a JUnit Selenium test to execution results
When a JUnit Selenium test is executed it can create screen captures of the browser session to show error conditions. You can include these screen captures in the execution result of the testcase or testsuite run for later viewing.

Shamik Sen commented Jun 21 '16, 1:01 p.m.


The steps you have pointed out is pretty helpful. Thanks.
The problem I am facing is after downloading the CLM installer, when am trying to install the server, it gives an error that it is unable to find a lot of repositories. I am unable to insert the screenshot owing to my trust score.  


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