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How to load RTC workspace into Build Forge Workspace

Deepali Deshmukh (8913759) | asked May 24 '16, 7:03 a.m.
 Hi all,
I have configured RTC and Build Forge. 
1. I have created build engine and build definition in RTC.
2. In build forge I have created environment with four variables ( Repository_Address,Build_User, Build_Password, Build_Engine_Path)
I have created project with the environment and with two steps. 
Step1 has command .source JazzJBE. 
Step2 has command 
cd ${team_scm_fetchDestination}/Addition 
g++ main.cpp -o main
3. under Jazz source control tab in build definition. I have selected proper workspace for build workspace
4. under load option I have specified the path to load BF workspace.
when I request for build. It fails and found my BF workspace as blank.

Can somebody help me on this.

Deepali Nigade

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered May 24 '16, 1:19 p.m.
${team_scm_fetchDestination} has to be defined in BF as well otherwise it will be blank.  You can define the same variable in your BF project environment and RTC should copy it over when the build starts.


Deepali Deshmukh commented May 25 '16, 3:52 a.m.

 I have defined ${team_scm_fetchDestination} value to default in BF.I have found in the logs, The value for ${team_scm_fetchDestination} is the BFWorkspace in which I am loading RTC workspace. As BFWorkspace is blank, its is unable to find the source code for execution.

Deepali Deshmukh commented May 27 '16, 2:02 a.m.

 Can somebody guide me on this issue.  

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