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Not able to see create workitem type.

Praveen Chougala (31327) | asked Apr 29 '16, 5:47 a.m.
 I have created new workitems from scratch. now i would like parent child relation between 2 workitems. but when i go to links and say add children i do not find create work item from that window.

I have set the item which i need as parent to planned item though. i dont get option add children.

Kindly help me to get that option.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Don Yang (7.6k21105137) | answered May 02 '16, 11:45 p.m.
Hi, Praveen

If you try to add parent or children from the work item link, it will go to a search dialog for any existing work item(s) so that you can find them and as parent or children from there, there is no option to create a work item from any work item's link section.

If you go to a plan view, in the front of any work item there, you should be able to see a menu to 'create a child work item'.

I hope this helps.
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