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RTC and closed environment

Dmitry A. Lesin (24423990) | asked Apr 26 '16, 1:04 p.m.
Hi everybody!
I understand that my question is a little bit old and unlikely I can get an answer. But nevertheless, I'd like to ask in a hope that somebody could propose a workaround or a working solution for our customer.
The problem is that customer is a closed organization. Their infrastructure don't contact to external world in any way! But they would like to use Rational Team Concert within that organization and sometimes outside. I know that RTC doesn't support for Multisite capabilities as ClearCase/ClearQuest earlier. But may be there's a use case when some part of RTC data could be exported to external environment into a single instance of RTC. Customer's team could work outside with the data and return the changed data backward.
Gyus, may be somebody did the same or something another. Please, give an idea who ever did something like that.
Thank you very much in advance for any ideas!

Donald Nong commented Apr 26 '16, 11:17 p.m.

If you describe the use case in more details, it may get a better response. What is exactly the "data" you refer to? For example, if you talk about the source control, a developer does not need the RTC server if the source code is already in the sandbox. For work items, you can consider using the CSV file format as a mean for export/import.

Dmitry A. Lesin commented May 18 '16, 1:02 p.m.

We were discussing about the problem with Customer. They suggested such use case:
1. Customer works with main RTC server in a project area (let it be named someProject)
2. Some time, the project members export the data from someProject in some way
3. Next, the project members move into another office (may be, it's locatedĀ  in another city). They install a new RTC server there. And they import the exported of someProject data into this new RTC environment.
4. Developers work in new RTC and new data is accumulated in the clone of someProject project area
5. Next, the work in the new environment is finished. And the project data is exported again.
6. Developers move back into the old office. And they import the last exported data into old RTC application.

Another word, the main idea is in useful capability to transfer a project area data between two remote RTC servers which can not be linked to each other. We can even admit that some project area can be locked after the data were exported and moved to a new location. The locking can take place until the data is imported back.

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