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Build Forge - Team Concert - Deploying 4GL

Rogério Moreira (738) | asked Apr 26 '16, 10:06 a.m.
Hello everyone, 
We have been using to Build Forge for compilation and deployment of applications on several machines. 
Deployment of Java and .net technology has been working flawlessly but right now I'm trying to find a solution RTC + Build Forge for a situation which is slightly complicated to explain and I have no idea if this even possible to do, deploying Informix 4GL applications using RTC and BF. 

What we are trying to automate or ease the process:
Let's imagine we have 2 artifacts, A and B. and a set of 3 machines, X Y and Z.
The artifact A is installed in the machines X and Y, the artifact B is installed in all the 3 machines (X Y Z).
This artifact-machine mapping is not constant, developers provides us with a installation-plan(excel) with a list of artifacts to be installed and were to.

Here begins the trouble, I have a dynamic number of artifacts to be installed on a dynamic number of servers.

Right now the deployment process is a shell script that ssh to all the machines and install the artifact.


What we are trying to achieve is to remove this script and installation plan and centralize everything in RTC+BF.

My first idea is to use parameterized builds through RTC, these properties should be a list of servers and a list of artifacts. All the artifacts will be installed on the servers provided from the list.

It is possible to call a build forge job to run it in a set of pre-selected machines(provided in the moment of  request)? In other words is it possible to "override" the selector?

The Build Forge project probably will be a two step job (to be run on each machine):
1-Download the artifact
2-Run a shell script " <artifact>"

We are using RTC 6 and BF 8.

If any better ideas we would be very grateful.

Thank You!

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