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RTC Build for IBM i copybooks not showing in build report

Khelmo Freitas (154) | asked Apr 14 '16, 12:20 p.m.

Hello I have configured a build for IBM i in RTC. It works but the copybooks do not appear in the build report. Is there anyway they can show there?

When I change a copybook only the dependent programs are recompiled and showed in the build report. I wanted to also view the changed copybooks in the build report.

I created one language definition for each type of program and one for the copybooks. Difference being the copybooks do not have any translator. I don't have any properties in the language definition also. I guess there could be a property for what I want maybe, but I couldn't find one.

RTC version 5.0.2

Thx in advance

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Khelmo Freitas (154) | answered Nov 03 '16, 12:37 p.m.

I solved this. I created a copy Type for all the copybooks and configured the translator to execute a simple command for the copybooks: CHGPFM   FILE(&SRCLIB/&F) MBR(&N) TEXT(*SAME)

If there wasn't a command the copybooks wouldn't appear in the build report. I know they are not actually being built. But the functionality to export the build report to excel makes it easier for the cliente. And this way all the resources being uploaded by the build appear in there.

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