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Owner of TCER overwritten if Test Case (in a Test Suite) has an " execution owner"

Leesen Padayachee (9958119) | asked Apr 05 '16, 6:04 a.m.

We are currently running CLM 6.0, and this is the behaviour of RQM.

IF a test case has an owner A ( organisation uses this in order to do test case maintenance), once this test case is pulled into a Test Suite, the "execution owner" field is populated with the Test case owner A.

Now, during a planning session in a Test Plan. A TSER is generated and assigned to a different owner B. RQM gives the TSER the owner B, but because one of the test cases had Owner A as the "execution owner" in the test cases section of a Test Suite, the TCER that was automatically generated still has the Owner A. 

This is the behaviour of RQM currently. Is this a defect? If so, is their any plans to change this?

The ideal behaviour with be: Once a TSER is generated and assigned to owner A, all TCER's in that TSER should have Owner A, and should overwrite any "execution owner" that was defined in the test case section of that Test Suite.



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paul chu (59411) | answered Apr 06 '16, 9:40 p.m.
It is by design to respect the ownership of the test cases for their execution.  Test suite execution is a roll-up of test cases executions that are not necessarily to be run by a single person only, the TSER owner.  The test suite owner has the control to "adjust" who to run the test case executions if the corresponding owners of the test cases are not appropriate.  Imagine a project lead who owns and just oversees the execution of the test suite can delegate the test cases executions to different developers who own the test cases with knowledge on their specific area.

The execution owners are expected to be set appropriately before generating the execution records.  It can be bulk changed with a few clicks to a single user.
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