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How can I update a set of selected Test Cases to have the same value for a specific field?

Patrice Smith (623) | asked Jun 09 '15, 6:01 p.m.
I would like to update a selected set of Test Cases (not ALL of my Test Cases) to have the same value for a particular field.  Is there a way to make a bulk update in one or two keystrokes?  Currently, the only option I see is to click in each Test Case's edit pencil choice and manually update that way.  I can do that but it's cumbersome.

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Frank McGrath (242162) | answered Jun 09 '15, 6:12 p.m.
 From the browse test cases page, you can select multiple rows by clicking on the checkbox on the left.  After this, some of the columns (not all) support edits which will apply to all selected rows.  For example, if you move your mouse over the Owner column, you will see a little icon with a green arrow.  If you click on that icon you can change the owner.  The same pattern applies to many columns.  It also applies to other artifact types.

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