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Doors NG ReqIF import

Ozgur Karadeniz (113) | asked Mar 25 '16, 7:24 a.m.
 As two seperate company and databases we are using Door NG. One of them is Doors NG 5.0.2 and the other is Doors NG 6.0.1. We have imported (by ReqIF) one module from other company Doors database to our company and established links in our database. Other company has made some changes (modification/insertion/deletion) on this module. If we import this module on top of our linked modules, do I lose all links and is there any problem importing same module for Doors NG?

Donald Nong commented Mar 30 '16, 12:06 a.m.

I've done a simple test and the links stay after the second ReqIF import. You'd better do do some verification in a testing environment first before doing in in the production environment.

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