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How can i implement a user tracking system behind the RTC clients on our server?

David Seddaoui (1127) | asked Mar 21 '16, 10:38 a.m.
Hi everybody,

I want to track the data which our users leave while they are using the CLM products in the browser.
Consequently we could analyse the user behaviour.

Is there any possibility or a plugin from IBM or an other company to include a web analytics system behind the ibm tool suite on our server?

Needed data would be:
- Url-tracking (Action or active context)
- clicked objects
- cancelled contexts
- ...


Ian Wark commented Mar 24 '16, 12:26 a.m.

Generally speaking, I don't believe there is an obvious data tracking solution. If you use IHS there is an access log, but I think you would struggle to obtain information on user behavior from that due to asynchronous ajax etc logging a lot of details that are hard to ascribe to a user. My suggestion would be to add to a dashboard project events. This will tell you who is making what updates. Just search for widgets on keyword "event".

View project and team events

Beyond that I think it would depend on what your goal is.. whether that is audit, to understand how the system is being used etc. If you wish to understand how licenses are consumed you could try using the Rational License Key Server Administration and Reporting tool.


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