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There is any possible way to change the color of Story or Request?

Ankit Shastri (13511) | asked Feb 26 '16, 3:07 a.m.
Hi Team,
Please let me know there is any way to change the color of story and request.

Thanks & Regards

Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk commented Feb 26 '16, 4:34 a.m.

Hi Ankit,
Can you clarify where exactly you would like to change the color? The screen shot could be helpful here.
Also what exactly the request is? Is it any custom work item type?

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Matt Muller (59813674) | answered Feb 26 '16, 4:54 a.m.

Good Morning are you talking about a Plan?  Taskboard or Kanban?

Depending on the version of RTC you are using you may have options?

Edit the View - Colurs Type:Story and set the colour.

Give it a try

Matt Muller

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