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Maximum number of WorkItems shown under Work Item History node of the Team Artifact view

Hervé Le Bars (2315) | asked Feb 05 '16, 7:35 a.m.

In the RTC's Team Artifact view, there is a first level node called "Work Item History". Under this node, there is a list of WorkItems that have been recently opened by the user.

I asked myself if there is a maximum number of workitems in this list. I did not find any documentation of a maximum, so I tried. It seems to me that the list is limited to 100 work items.

Three questions now :
- Is it true that this list is limited to 100 work items, or are there a more complex conditions to limit the size of the list ?
- Is maximum the same for Visual Studio client and Eclipse client ?
- Is there a way to customize the maximum number of workitems shown under the Work Item History node ?

Thanks by advance.

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