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Upgrade Requirement Management 4.x to 5.x

AGNES RETNANINGSIH (1325) | asked Nov 23 '15, 6:18 a.m.
 I did upgrade requirement management with this syntax
  upgrade\rm\rm_upgrade.bat -oldApplicationHome RM_4.0.6_install_dir\server\conf
But then the process getting error as below

The rm upgrade failed at step 0.  Correct the problem and run the script again s
tarting at step 0.

can anybody know what's wrong with this process?

I found something strange with the configuration when it running, here's some output I found on command prompt

CRJAZ1363I Loading the configuration from "bundleresource://227.fwk228265371:1/t".
CRJAZ1778I This server is configured as an application.
CRJAZ1365I The server is attempting to connect to the following database: "c:\te
CRJAZ1364I The connection to the following database was successful:
 Db Product Name: Apache Derby
  Db Product Version: - (1582446)
  Db URL: jdbc:derby:c:\testDB;create=true
  Jdbc Driver Name: Apache Derby Embedded JDBC Driver
  Jdbc Driver Version: - (1582446)
CRJAZ2558I Setting the local server rename state to false and the openServerDesc
riptionServiceTemporarily state to false.

System like create folder automatically at C:/testDB and running the db configuration from that folder whereas I use SQL for database. Can I setup the db configuration so it will detach SQL as my db during the RM upgrade?  

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Diana Kraaijeveld (52727) | answered Nov 23 '15, 7:27 a.m.
During the upgrade this derby database is created automatically - and the connection to the derby DB is established - but this is normal behavior and this does not mean that anything is wrong.

I suspect there must be something else going wrong and I would check the upgrade log for errors.

During the upgrade you should be prompted for the connection details of the SQL server DB.

The following wiki page outlines out most of the steps in more detail:

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