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Insert the Body text in the created artifact in DOORS Next Gen

Georges Oneissy (53522) | asked Nov 20 '15, 2:19 a.m.
 I'm uploading the business requirement document as docx to DOORS Next Gen, then extracting the requirements using the feature "Extract requirements"

I am setting the configuration I need and RRC is indeed extracting every heading and creating the artifact I need (+linking them into a module). All is good til here, but...

When it comes to the body text, RRC is taking every paragraph and creating a new artifact on its own, which is not the behavior I expected.

What I need is the possibility of adding each body text under the heading into the description of the artifact created according to that heading.

Any possible way to do so?


Keith Collyer commented Nov 20 '15, 4:58 a.m.

I'm not sure if what you are asking for is possible. What currently happens is certainly how it is designed and documented. I guess you are treating the heading as a requirement name and the paragraphs as the requirement description? So a whole bunch of paragraphs is one requirement? A couple of suggestions / questions:

  1. Have you tried separating the paragraphs with line breaks rather than enter? I don't know if that will work, but if the importer is looking for the paragraph marker it might
  2. I find it hard to imagine a genuinely atomic requirement needing several paragraphs. Generally, this really means that you have several requirements under one heading and you want to always treat them as a group. While there can be reasons for doing that, it goes against accepted good practice and does not allow treating the requirements as atomic for tracing (impact analysis, etc.) and attribute setting.

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