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Cannot see newly added components to workspace without a full reload

Geoff Wozniak (111) | asked Oct 23 '15, 10:12 a.m.
I've found that I cannot see newly added components to a workspace without doing a full reload of a workspace and I'm wondering if this is expected behaviour.

Here's the scenario.
  • Machine A (command line, if that matters): workspace is already loaded.
  • Machine B (Eclipse client): add a component to the workspace and set its flowtarget.  The Eclipse client shows the workspace as having the new component.
  • Machine A: scm show status does not list the component, but tells me that the local file system is out of sync and says "Run scm load with --force option to reload the workspace".  I run scm load with --force.  scm show status still does not list the newly added components and gives the same message about the local file system being out of sync.

The only way to get the workspace to be in sync is to delete the entire workspace and then reload it.

Is this expected the behaviour? If not, am I doing something that I shouldn't be?

Both clients are running version 5.0.2 (Build Id: RTC-I20141031-0926).

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Oct 23 '15, 10:44 a.m.
It sounds like you are loading the same repository workspace into two different sandboxes (on different machines).   If so, you should not do that ... each repository workspace should be loaded into at most one sandbox at a given time.

Geoff Wozniak commented Oct 23 '15, 11:04 a.m.

In this case, Machine B does not have the workspace loaded.

If I am understanding correctly, then, the relationship between sandboxes and repository workspaces is 1-to-1?  Thus, the following scenario is invalid/unsupported?

  • Machine A: scm load -r repourl workspaceX
  • Machine B: scm load -r repourl workspaceX

Geoffrey Clemm commented Oct 23 '15, 3:05 p.m.

The key requirement is that you only actively use one sandbox with a given repository workspace.   So if you are finished with the sandbox on Machine A, you can then load the repository workspace into a sandbox on Machine B.   But if you then go back to Machine A and try to do some more on the repository workspace there, the first thing that will happen is that on Machine A, you will be told that the sandbox is out-of-sync.  And if you then sync the sandbox on Machine A, if you try to use it on Machine B, you will be told that the Machine B sandbox is out-of-sync ... etc.   So switching is OK ... switching back and forth is not.

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