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When will RTC or CLM support Windows 10 clients?

Rolf Nelson (617159) | asked Oct 21 '15, 11:48 a.m.
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Rolf Nelson (617159) | answered Oct 21 '15, 11:52 a.m.
Windows 10 clients are supported in CLM v6.0.1 which we intend to release in mid December 2015. There are a couple of strategies you can use, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

 I need to develop applications for Windows 10 with RTC v5.0.2
Yes.  We support this today.  Get the latest IFix for V5.0.2 that includes support for Visual Studio 2015.  Run Visual Studio 2015 to build code that targets Windows 10  (with IE11 browser compatibility).

 A few projects are rolling out Windows 10 desktop development clients in Q4 2015 or 2016.
We support this by upgrading the server to v6.0.1 and then allowing teams who need to run on Windows 10 to install v6.0.1 on the projects that want to run on that OS.  The rest of the teams can stay on v5.0.2 clients which are supported against a v6.0.1 server.

My whole company is moving to Windows 10 across the enterprise
Upgrade to version v6.0.1 or later for Windows 10 support.

I need full support for the new Edge browser support on Windows 10 clients (not just IE11) for running the RTC web UI?
CLM v6.0.1 supports Windows 10 with IE11 (or also the Edge browser in IE11 compatibility mode, which may be self detected by the Edge browser, not 100% sure).  IBM intends to support the native Edge browser in RTC Next (CLM v6.0.2) at the end of Q1 2016.

We do not have a plan for backporting Windows 10 support to v5.0.2 - we did this for Visual Studio 2015 so those users could build for Windows 10 without having to upgrade.

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