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Can we have RTC and WAS servers in different machines.

Arun K Sriramaiah (3.2k13177) | asked Sep 29 '15, 2:07 p.m.
edited Sep 29 '15, 2:09 p.m.
Scenario: In Server_1 Isolated WAS ND environment where only WAS ND instances are running and Server_2 CLM install files in different server.

Would it be possible to have all CLM install files on a shared folder outside from this WAS environment so that my client can run CLM on WAS?

As I see only 2 Virtual Machine Variables are pointing from WAS to CLM install folder (JAZZ_HOME and startup.log4j.propoerty. ).

How do we map the custom property values for (JAZZ_HOME and startup.log4jpropoerty) when CLM files which are remotely stored.

Needs to know how RTC uses the JAZZ_HOME property, if its in shared location.

What would be a solution to have WAS environment separated from CLM installation files and folders?

Refereed : Step8 from link :

I tried sharing the CLM installation directory and also created the network MAP drive ( and used the same in WAS for JAZZ_Home and Please find the attachment for more details.

If I tried accessing the jts\setup but got below error message : it not picking the JAZZ_Home path.

Error 404: ProxyServlet /jts/setup when requesting /jts/setup

Kevin Ramer commented Sep 29 '15, 2:24 p.m.

Well, the process on the server accessing the share must have read/write, not just read.  The /jts/setup will update the under the jts directory under JAZZ_HOME.  Also, WAS must be recycled after changing JVM settings, in general.

Zooming in it looks like you set JAZZ_HOME in WAS ( not JAZZ_Home as you typed ).

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Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646) | answered Sep 29 '15, 2:25 p.m.
No, for all I know you have to have the Files installed on the same machine. There are limitations to network drives as far as I know. If the network drives are considered local, then they won't be unrecognizable from local files anyway.
So, why wouldn't you put then files where they belong with the maximum possible I/O performance.

Arun K Sriramaiah commented Sep 30 '15, 2:59 a.m.

You mean to say that currently its not supported with the shared drive or map drive.
We need to have WAS\CLM installed in same machine.
Due to
internal security guidelines and  rules regarding WAS environment, we can't install CLM in same machine.

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Sep 30 '15, 2:24 a.m.
Why would you "share" the CLM installation? The installation location contains configuration files as well, which is specific (e.g. database connection) to a deployment. It is just not designed to be shared.

Arun K Sriramaiah commented Sep 30 '15, 2:53 a.m.

For some Security reason wanted to use the existing WAS and CLM should be installed in different machine.

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