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Why can't non-Insight license holders view Insight reporting dashboard widgets?

June Boston (1942938) | asked Jul 10 '15, 7:37 p.m.

My understanding of the licensing was that a license is needed to author, edit, generate, schedule, etc- essentially anything requiring access to the actual Cognos application.  This has  been stated in past Jazz forum answers.

Having the report in an RTC dashboard by creating a report resource from a custom report (pointed at a report view with parameters pre-set and runs scheduled nightly) should make it visible to non-Insight RTC users.  This is not the case.  As a non-license holder, you can even view the list of Insight reports in the selection box when you create a Report Resource from a custom report, or the list that can be brought up with the Import Custom Report button on the Shared Reports page.  You can add the Report Resource to a Custom Report widget, or the Report that points to the Report Resource to a Report widget, so there are multiple ways to approach this.  Again, these are all pointing to Report Views that have their parameters set and a run saved already, so they should appear instantly when you load the dashboard.

They only appear on the dashboard load if you are a user with an Insight license.  If you do not have an Insight license, you get the same CRREL0033E error as if you tried to go to an Insight web application, restricting you from any visibility because there is no license.

How are non-Insight license holders supposed to view dashboard reports?  Do they have to be "Micro" optimized reports?  It would seem unfair to not provide visibility to reports from within RTC as you get that for free with plain RRDI, I thought the purpose of the license was to restrict authoring and actual Cognos functions.

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