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Artifcatory with RTC - Have some questions

Karthik Krishnan (8744104154) | asked Jun 11 '15, 11:05 a.m.
edited Jun 11 '15, 11:06 a.m.
This is with reference to my earlier question :

We use RTC
  1. SCM
  2. CCM
  3. JBE with Ant based builds
We need to store binaries for each build (in fact for each components) in SCM so that
- check-in libarries generated during cont. Integration, Nightly and Integration builds in to components
- share only libraries to people if necessary and not access source code for building locally

- Each developer receives prebuild libraries after each cont. Integration, Nightly, Integration builds which can be used to do local builds (on dev PC)
- Share components which has only libraries and not source code (ex: due to NDA?)

Inital idea was to use RTC SCM and check in the libraries after build and I see the following advantages
 - It is easy as we get the libraries next to source code
-  Baselined after builds
-  Single source
-  Easy to reproduce the the build from snapshot
-  Easy to manager with libraries across baselines (for same component) as both part of single source

I am looking into JFrog's Artifactory (as recommended) in my earlier post

I understand the we have to implement Push/Pull for libraries

But I cannot find any detailed information about how to link the baseline in RTC with Artifcatory

Also How well Artifactory works in distributed development environment ?

Does anyone has any experiences using Artifactory with RTC?


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