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How to set an approval group to require 1 sucessful review to complete

Jason Wilson (311226) | asked Sep 14 '15, 8:48 a.m.
I am wondering if anyone can assist please.

What I am trying to do is the following.....

We have (e.g.) a number of Test Cases created in a Test Plan. These then need to be reviewed before execution, so we create an approval group in the Test Case and assign this to multiple testers because at this point we are not sure who will be available to conduct the review. Plus we dont want to wait until the end (when review is being sent) as we could have 100s of test cases to sort the review for, so by adding everyone at the start would make it more efficient.

This part is OK...

However, what we want to happen is for just one of those reviewers to approve which then marks the Test Case as approved.

What we are seing at the moment is that it requires all of the named individuals to say they have revieved and accepted in order to complete the process.


Is there a way to set up QM so that only one approver would approve for the group?

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Don Yang (7.7k21110138) | answered Sep 15 '15, 2:44 a.m.
Hi, Jason

It is not clear what you mean that " it requires all of the named individuals to say they have revieved and accepted in order to complete the process". If it is referring to "Formal Review" process, then yes, if you have multiple approvers, it will progress as percentage based on the number of approvers and who has approved.
However, this won't prohibit one user to change the test case state to be "approved" so long as that user has permission to change the state. See the below screenshot:

Jason Wilson commented Sep 15 '15, 3:00 a.m.

Hi Don, thank you for the reply.

Yes you are correct in your understanding, and yes I guessed this was the case, however what I was trying to do is make things easier on the teams.

So what I was hoping is that once tests had been reviewed, they could have used the bulk 'Reviewed' function from within the Test Plan in order to mark them as reviewed and was hoping for that to update the status automatically.

Again the above works if only a single person reviews, but as per the original question was wondering if only one from a group could approve.

Don Yang commented Sep 15 '15, 11:03 p.m.

Hi, Jason

I am not aware of such feature in RQM and I think there is no such feature that only one from a group could automatically approve the test plan(without manually changing the state to Approved). if everyone in the group have the right permissions, they should approve for their own as well as delete those other existing approvers from the Formal Review section as they are no longer required, this will trigger the approval status changed automatically because now 100% has been done.(the only approver can put the comments there indicating what has been done or your process requires the approvers to do that)

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