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Which (open) services are currently supported by RTC 2.0?

Christian Hoertnagl (6174) | asked Jul 21 '09, 3:06 a.m.
With some information on I find it hard to establish whether described functionality is already present in RTC 2.0, or whether it concerns later planning stages (or other Jazz products, for this matter).

For instance, my RTC 2.0 server does not seem to serve a document at https://localhost:9443/jazz/atomsvc.xml, and
hence I currently assume that the Discovery Resources Core Service
is not yet available in this version.

What's the best way/resource for finding out which capabilities are already present (esp. in RTC 2.0), and which ones will be added next? (Could not find it in the release plan.) I'm currently esp. interested in what kind of storage service may be used by Java clients.


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