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Default carts and Reports for Custom attributes

Sumana Marathe (143) | asked Sep 15 '11, 4:22 a.m.
I am working on supporting RTC for one of our big customers. They are using RTC and have custom work items.
The structure of work items is as follows. Request -> Story -> Line Item. Now we need to analyze these work items and see
if they are good enough to support the agile planning aspects, burn down charts and other default reports. The questions that we have here are...

1. The work Items are not using the default work item attributes such as Time estimate, correction and Time Spent/Time Remaining.
They have Integer fields for capturing the hours. Will the default burn-down charts work in this scenario or does it need the work item to
have default attributes ?. Is it possible to configure the attributes being used by burn -down charts so that we can make it use the custom attributes?

2.Currently the estimates are captured at the Request Level using Custom attributes. Assuming that we will use RTC default attributes
to capture the estimates and actual, should we capture the estimates in Request (Parent) or Line Item(Child) ?. Please suggest the ideal place for capturing
the efforts so that the default reports such as estimated vs Actual Hours should work fine.

3. Is it possible to create a new work item automatically when I save a particular work item?. For ex, when a Request is saved with state as 'Completed', Story has to be created automatically.

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