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Regex with REST API

Fran Burgos (12311650) | asked Aug 11 '15, 4:38 a.m.

I read but I didn't found anything about regex. I have the next XML:


I want match TAs which quilifedName is /Entities/*  (1 and 3). Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Aug 11 '15, 10:24 p.m.
This is unfortunately not doable. Regex is not specified in either OSLC or reportable REST API, and it is not implemented. You may be looking at a "contains" operator which is not part of the specification either.

Note the the field "qualifiedname" is not a queryable one in reportable REST API, so it does not really matter whether the API has regex or "contains".

For work items, you can use the "oslc_cm:searchTerms" parameter to invoke the full text search. But you are looking at team areas, so no luck here.

I have not yet found a way to achieve what you want (the "parentTeamArea" is not queryable either). I suggest you do the filtering _after_ you get the XML response using the reportable REST API.
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Marek Siekierski (817510) | answered Aug 11 '15, 6:34 p.m.
edited Aug 11 '15, 6:41 p.m.

Hi Fran,

I'm not sure if this is possible. However, to get that information you can try to navigate to


The above URI will give you a list of the Project Areas, and each Project Area there is a URI for a list of Team Areas. ie:


So the Team Area URI is based on the Project Area UID. It is unique, but it is obtainable.

(I've edited this answer 4 times now and lines are randomly being removed from my post, looks like it was because of the URI links).

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