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More Troubleshooting with Git Integration

Christine Makasy (731023) | asked Jul 15 '15, 8:14 a.m.

Installing and configuring the git pre-/post receive I got the following output for the post-receive part:


--------------------- Associate Work Item
localRef: ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d localSha: d28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725 remoteRef: refs/heads/master

 ('https://HOST:9443/ccm', 'a50ca06721354e5282484bf3f33c337a', 'username', 'ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d', 'd28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725', 'refs/heads/master', None)
('Checking for Reg exp ', None)
('Is not a regexp',)
('Executing command: ', ['git', 'rev-list', 'd28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725'])
('isCommitReachableFrom: ', '', 'd28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725', 'ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d')
('Executing command: ', ['git', 'rev-list', 'ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d'])
('isCommitReachableFrom: ', '', 'ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d', 'd28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725')
('isPushDeletecommits(): True',)
('Not associating commits with work items',)

post-receive completed ----------------

Here you can see that isPushDeletecommits delivers true, but in the Git Repo you can see a push with that comment. Do you have an idea why the hooks behave like that.


refs HEAD master
author username 
 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 13:38 +0200
committer username 
 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 13:38 +0200
commit d28fb5ab5df8bc2dfaa7a27e86e5ee88c194f725
tree  fc67fd3ae0c7fcf11a36a1c565de3106aeb1190c
parent  ee6b5f92f6e8befce70af052d4d0a4ee94569c2d

neue zeile10 defect 131


Many thanks, Christine

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