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Unable to Show History for a file from Change Explorer Window using RTC 5.0.2 Visual Studio Plugin

Anbarasu Arivoli (811828) | asked Jul 09 '15, 4:37 a.m.
 Hi Experts,
We are using RTC 5.0.2 Visual Studio Client for Source Control          
Management on Visual Studio 2010.                                       
We found a feature which is not working in RTC plugin.                  
When we do a compare for a component or a stream to any snapshot and    
browse for the changes, we are unable to show history for the compared  
files and it throws error         

"CRRTC8500E: Server Error: incompatible with"
We are not able to reproduce the issue in Eclipse Client but is         
reproducible in Visual Studio client.                                   
Steps to reproduce,                                                     
1.       Right Click on Repository Workspace Space or any Stream        
2.       Compare with Snapshot                                          
3.       Go to "Change explorer" window open                            
4.       Open "Only in <my stream name> and browse to any file          
delivered there earlier                                                 
5.       Right click on file and select "Show History"  


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Shradha Srivastav (348313) | answered Jul 11 '15, 5:15 a.m.

Hi Anbu,

Can you try to update your eclipse client to RTC iFix004 and check the behavior. In iFix004 there is a patch included for Visual Studio.

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