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Not able to upload RFT log into the RQM.

Daniel Ruebush (9715987) | asked Jul 02 '15, 2:25 p.m.
CLM 5.0.1
OS: Windows 2008 (server) and Client (Win7)
Browser: IE 11
DB: SQL Sever 2012
App server: WAS (base)

In my logs I see:
2015-06-18 13:54:19,359
[WebContainer : 175 @@ 13:54 Daniel Ruebush
InstructionsGetHandler:marshal AQXEX5046E An execution adapter was
unable to receive instructions since multiple adapters with same
internal Id are running.
The adapter ID as seen in the Adapter Console: "58"
Internal Adapter ID: "_tG6wDRRFEeWrhvY61H-Y8g"
Project Area: "ccm ATP Automation (Quality Management)"

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Christopher Robinson (571917) | answered Jul 02 '15, 2:27 p.m.
It appears that more than one adapter is running with the same internal adapter ID. These multiple instances of the adapter have interfered with each other.

You will need to

1. Find the adapter in the RQM Adapter Console.
2. Go to the machine where the adapter is registered.
3. List the processes running on the machine and verify that only one instance of the adapter is running.
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Daniel Ruebush commented Jul 02 '15, 2:35 p.m.

 I had the users try again and made sure they had the RFT client closed when the script was running and the log was successfully uploaded this time. Thanks!    

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