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Report Builder (JRS) Does Not show distinct items while selecting 2 or more rows

Venkatesh Prasad (21721) | asked Apr 16 '17, 12:33 p.m.

Hello all,

Can someone help please, I have a strange issue. We use CLM v6.0.1 and I am trying to generate a report in report builder. Data Source is Rational Data Warehouse and Database Vendor is DB2
The traceability link I have used is
Release --> Feature --> Test Case
where Release work item is an RTC work item that has 10 Features linked to it (Feature is also an RTC work item) and the 10 Features have 188 Test Case linked up to them (As we all know test cases are in RQM).
Now, when I run the Report Builder (JRS), it is displaying 208 test cases instead of 188 test cases. When I manually checked the results line by line, I found that a few test cases are repeating in the results and hence it is 208.
I then realized that SELECT DISTINCT will do the trick. But, when I went into Advanced query section, SELECT DISTINCT was already there, but still the repeated entries are coming up in the results.

However, when I remove all the columns from the queries and kept only one column (T3.NAME), which is test case column, it is displaying correct results which is 188 test cases. But, if I add 2 or more columns in the SELECT DISTINCT, it won't show the correct results.

Below is the first 2 lines of the query which will show 208 test cases

If I remove T2.NAME AS NAME1 from first line, then I get correct results

I need bot the Features and Test Cases column in the result screen but I only need DISTINCT rows to be displayed. Please can you advise.

Venkatesh Prasad

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Clara Forero (6212) | answered Apr 17 '17, 9:30 a.m.

Hi Venkatesh,

From your description it seems that more than one 'Feature' is linked to the same Test Case.  You may want to generate the report, order by test case id and see which multiple work items point to the same test case.  Keep in mind that the DISTINCT applies to the whole row.  If you have Feature F1 and Feature F2 both pointing to Test Case T1, you will get two rows when you display the information of the features and the test cases.


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