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Is there a parameter which limits the size of upload files in RDNG 5.0.2?

Rodrigo Marques (19311) | asked Jun 02 '15, 4:36 p.m.
edited Jul 18 '15, 9:45 a.m. by Stef van Dijk (2.0k179)
The customer does not want to turn RDNG in a file repository tool, so they want to limit the size of files stored.
Is there a parameter in advanced properties or some way to do this?

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Stef van Dijk (2.0k179) | answered Jul 18 '15, 9:47 a.m.
 Hi Rodrigo

There is no such parameter that I'm aware of but it would make for a good enhancement request.
Please feel free to open such a request.
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Taki Nakajo (1.1k2346) | answered Jul 20 '15, 2:53 a.m.
edited Jul 20 '15, 2:54 a.m.
Hi Rodrigo, 

The feature is good to have like RTC.
Just in case, you don't know how to submit a RFE ( Request for enhancement ). Here is the help .

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