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Can I have an upper bound date for RRC resources using REST API?

Igor Felix (1025) | asked May 18 '15, 2:57 p.m.
 I would like to use REST API to get only resources that have been modified between a specific date period. For example, I'd like to get only the resources modified in the year 2012. The query I'm using is this:


The problem is that too many resources are returned, and I'd like to get these resources on small periods. Is there any parameter that can be used with modifiedSince in order to get the resources modified in the year of 2012 (like modifiedUntil)? Is it possible to do so?

Thanks in advance,
Igor Felix

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered May 18 '15, 9:24 p.m.
I am not aware of a "modifiedUntil" parameter, but you may consider creating a view with an attribute filter "Modified on is between" and then use the "filter by view" URL format. It is not as flexible as you would hope since you can't combine with certain parameters and you can't change the filter during runtime. At least it should return the collection of artifacts that you are expecting.
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Igor Felix commented May 19 '15, 8:49 a.m.

 Can you provide me further information on how to create this view so I can search the resources using it? I'm quite new to Jazz ALM and don't now where to find it.

Igor Felix commented May 19 '15, 8:53 a.m.

 Is it true that a view works only for one project area? If so, this won't be a solution, since there are more than a thousand areas with information in here. It will be a viable solution only if I can share this view between all project areas.

Donald Nong commented May 20 '15, 2:58 a.m.

In this case, my suggestion does not work for you. More research is needed. You may consider opening an RFE to request the "modifiedUntil" parameter.

Igor Felix commented May 20 '15, 12:24 p.m.

Thank you very much Donald. I'll request a parameter like it, and until then I'll think of alternatives to extract the information.

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