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OSLC API's : Does these access CLM Data warehouse or Specific Database of Each application(RTC,RQM,RM)?

vijayakumar ramesh (1173560) | asked Sep 24 '15, 5:16 a.m.
 I wanted to know which data base these oslc Api's are actually accessing in the background.

For example : if I am using OSLC api's of RM 
Does these Api's access RM Data Base or Data warehouse of CLM.?
Similary for RQM,SCM,CM?

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Mehul Patel (9695) | answered Sep 24 '15, 7:30 a.m.

If you are accessing OSLC API of RM to access the RM artifact then it will be accessing RM database only. CLM Data warehouse is meant to load data to generate reports.


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vijayakumar ramesh commented Sep 24 '15, 8:33 a.m.

Thanks for the info :)

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