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DB2 automatic backup after upgrading to DB2 v10.5 (RTC 5.0.2)

Morten Madsen (3053250) | asked May 13 '15, 7:21 a.m.

I realize this might be slightly out of topic.

Since I upgraded to RTC 5 (from 4) and therefore also upgraded DB2 to 10.5 (from 9.7) I haven't been able to change my automatic maintenance. After upgrading, I realized that the DB2 administration tool was removed, and now only the IBM Data Studio (v4) was supported.

When using IBM DS, I can easily go to "Configure and setup up...." and then "Automatic maintenance" and then I can see all me current settings. But if I change these, and press "Run" I see that the command - containing all the correct info - is fired and runs success fully.

If I then open the "Automatic maintenance" section again, all my settings are reverted to my original settings. I changed for example the time to run online maintenance from 8 PM to 1 AM. After running the command and re-opening the section, it is back to 8 PM.

Does anyone have similar experiences? RTC is functioning perfectly though.


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Morten Madsen (3053250) | answered May 18 '15, 1:42 a.m.
I found the solution.

It seems, even though I "connect" to the database with the correct credentials "db2admin" + password, IBM Data Studio will still run DB2 CLP (command line processor) with my windows credentials.

To make this work you should:

1. Try to run automatic maintenance and you normally would.
2. When Data Studio executes the command line, copy the entire command.
3. Run DB2 command window
4. connect to database with command "connect to <database> user <user> using <password>"
5. now paste the command and run manually.

Now, if you access the "Automatic maintenance" section in Data studio, you'll see that the configuration now has changed to whatever your command did.

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