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Is the RIDW.SEQ_D_DATE db2 level sequence used within the Jazz data warehouse database?

Chris Ratcliffe (2633330) | asked Sep 22 '12, 4:38 p.m.
edited Sep 22 '12, 4:38 p.m.
I am in the process of trying to move a set of RTC databases (jts, dw and ccm) from an AIX box to a Linux ADM box.  I mostly have it done, using db2look and db2move, however, there is one thing I am a bit worried about.  In that database, there is a sequence defined, called RIDW.SEQ_D_DATE.  I want to ensure that the current sequence value is in the new database matches the old one.  In the db2 documentation, the command used to check the current value is:

db2 values previous value for RIDW.SEQ_D_DATE

I ran this command against both the original dw and the moved dw databases, and got back the same return value.

SQL0845N  A PREVIOUS VALUE expression cannot be used before the NEXT VALUE
expression generates a value in the current session for sequence "SEQID = 6". 

This appears to be saying, that the sequence has never been used in my original database, but I don't understand whey the sequence would be defined if it is never used?  Can someone shed some light on this?  Thanks.

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