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Add a new external compare tool in the preference page

Rajagopal Subhash (1226) | asked Apr 24 '15, 12:36 a.m.
Hello All,
         I want to add a new compare tool in External Compare tools preference page in eclipse RCP. I want to do this programmatically.
         I am extending extension point.
      <extension point="">
                   <externalCompareTool  class="test.CustomCompareTool"></externalCompareTool>
        In the documentation , it is said that the class CustomCompareTool should extend the below class. 
I getting Access Restriction Error whenever I try to extend AbstractExternalCompareTool class.
        I am getting access error only for some classes.
Note: I have added all the required dependencies in my plugin.xml.
        Please tell me how to proceed?


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Glenn Bardwell (58621427) | answered Apr 24 '15, 11:30 a.m.

See to understand the meaning of the error.

See for a couple of possible fixes, depending on what class you're trying to use.

If these don't seem relevant, let me know the specifics of what you aren't able to access.

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