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Internal server error 500 when calling service

Jerrod Lankford (211010) | asked Mar 23 '11, 3:42 a.m.
I created a model and a query model to store information in the database. I use the call below to query these items and when I try to make a call to it through the browser I get a 500 internal server error.

IRepositoryItemService repoService = getService(IRepositoryItemService.class);
IQueryService queryService = getService(IQueryService.class);

PersistentVoteItemQueryModel queryModel = BasePersistentVoteItemQueryModel.PersistentVoteItemQueryModel.ROOT;
IItemQuery itemQuery = IItemQuery.FACTORY.newInstance(queryModel);


IItemQueryPage itemQueryPage = queryService.queryItems(itemQuery,

IItem[] items = repoService.fetchItems(itemQueryPage
.handlesAsArray(), null);
ArrayList<PersistentVoteItem> voteItems = new ArrayList<PersistentVoteItem>();
for (IItem item : items){
if (item instanceof PersistentVoteItem)

return (PersistentVoteItem) voteItems.get(0);

The model is simple, it inherits auditable. Contains a string field (that isn't queryable) and a UUID field that is queryable. Is there a common reason why this would throw an internal server error? Also I checked the server logs and didn't see an error. Is there a way I can get the server to tell me what this 500 error is? Thanks in advance.

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