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How to fetch collection contents in RM DNG programmatically

Chandan M B (1133979) | asked Jun 16 '15, 7:23 a.m.
edited Jul 03 '15, 1:25 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646)

I have a workitem linked with the requirement DNG. I need to fetch the requirement contents,summary and other attributes programmatically using java.

What is the approach and how to do it ?


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Bas Bekker (1.4k4) | answered Jun 16 '15, 1:27 p.m.
edited Jun 16 '15, 1:31 p.m.
Chandan, have a look at the DNG public REST service API, which supports the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration: OSCL web site . Under the specification section there us a spec for Requirement Management that we support.

To start programming the best place to start is using the hands-on OSLC workshop with this article. The workshop is in Java and it's a great way to get going with the REST API.

Chandan M B commented Jun 17 '15, 1:27 a.m.

Hi Bekker,
Thanks for the response.
I know the OSLC based approach. I need it using plain java API.
Can't we achieve using this approach?

Bas Bekker commented Jun 17 '15, 11:10 a.m. | edited Jun 17 '15, 11:12 a.m.

Chandan, the RM server works with REST services, so you cannot use a plain (POJO) Java type approach.

Regarding our internal (non-public) REST API, that's not documented, and use is for you own risk; things can change overnight.
If you are OK with using REST services, but you don't want to deal with the HTTP request part, you can use the Eclipse OSLC Lyo project to have a more POJO like programming environment.

Hope that helps.

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Beth Beese (312) | answered Jul 22 '15, 11:58 a.m.
 Hi Chandan-

Where is the linked artifact located? e.g. DNG or RTC? 
If in another Rational application, there should be native functionality to retrieve the attributes. If it is in a 3rd party system like HP ALM, you can use Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters (RLIA-Tasktop Edition) to retrieve the details. You can learn more about RLIA-TE here:

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!
Thanks and Best

Beth Beese 
| Business Development Manager | Tasktop Technologies
phone: 647-938-3759
| web: task | skype: beth.beese-tasktop

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