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ReferenceError: "dojox" is not defined when deploy

Ning Sun (1) | asked Dec 10 '08, 1:22 a.m.
[Worker-1] ERROR x.internal.javascript.JavaScriptDependencyAnalyzer  - Error loading uri: [/dojox/gfx.js] : ReferenceError: "dojox" is not defined.

This error occurs when checking dependency of dojox/gfx.js after deploying on rtc-server. However, the code works fine when developing.

Is it a bug of the analyzer?

RTC-ExpressC-Server 1.0.1
dojo 1.0.2

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Bill Higgins (4562523) | answered Dec 11 '08, 7:18 a.m.
Hi Ning, sorry for the problem. Would you please create a bug and we'll continue the discussion there?

You can create the bu here:

The type should be "Defect" and the category should be "Web UI".

- Bill Higgins
Foundation Web UI Team

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