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Need more clarity on "Ensure Component Names are Unique"

Kulvinder Singh (624) | asked Apr 21 '15, 8:40 a.m.
With the following operation behaviour "Ensure Component Names are Unique" set on the server, I foresee following open points. Please clarify if possible:

1. Can I create the Copy of a Stream? Would not it cause creating a copy of all the components, in that case server will now allow it.

2. If I create a new stream from another stream's snapshot (indirectly a Branch), would not it create a new stream with all new components?

How can we realize then the Parallel development on same product using the Branching feature of SCM.

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Surya Tripathi (65017) | answered Apr 21 '15, 6:51 p.m.
The scope of "Ensure Component Names are unique" is the process area. You can create many streams and add same component to all the streams. This does not create a new component. Adding a component to a stream simply adds a particular baseline to the stream.

Kulvinder Singh commented Apr 21 '15, 10:35 p.m.

So it means,
creating a new Stream from Snapshot basically create a new branch where all latest existing baselines of the components are present and now we are ready to do the Parallel developments over these two branches?

Stream 1 has Comp 1 and Comp 2. We take a snapshot of Stream where Comp 1 and Comp 2 has Baseline C1 and C2.

Now, from this snapshot, we create a new Stream (or a Branch) called Stream 2. So this new Stream 2 shall have Comp 1 and Comp 2 with Baseline C1 and C2.

Now question is, can we start doing Separate developments over Comp 1 in Stream 1 and Separate Development in Comp 1 in Stream 2. Then later on take Baselines for Comp 1 in Stream 1 and Stream 2. Both would be separate branch, right ?

Surya Tripathi commented Apr 22 '15, 2:48 p.m.

Yes, that is true. Stream 1 and Stream 2 are isolated from each other. You can still deliver and accept changesets between the two 2 streams if needed, however, in order to do that you will need to set and change flow targets.

You can carry on parallel development in Stream 1 and Stream 2. You can create snapshots and component baselines in both stream. If you ever want to replace a component with a baseline created in the past, ensure that you choose the correct baseline.

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