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Shared attributes are not working as expected in the PlanViews

Surender Biyyala (403848) | asked Mar 12 '15, 5:27 a.m.
 Hi All,

We have a custom attribute "High Level Effort Estimate" which is shared across  two work item types but is read only for one of the work item type and editable field for the other.

so when added this field to the display column list of the plan view we are not able to edit this for both the work itemtypes. Ideally it should be editable for one of the work item types.Is this something expected?

RTC version :4.0.5


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Lawrence Smith (3764) | answered Mar 17 '15, 12:48 a.m.
The attribute that shows up in the plan column is added to the plan using the Configuration -> Plan Attributes -> Attribute Mapping.  The attribute definition is defined for the type and can be read-only. You cannot "share attributes" between types, but you can show different attributes in the type's editor presentation. The presentation can also be read-only but this does not affect the plan.

It sounds like the attribute mapped to the plan column is the one from the type with the read-only attribute.

I tried this:
Added MyValueDefect as an Integer attribute to Defect
Added MyValueEpicRO as an Integer attribute on Epic, marked ReadOnly
Added MyValueEpic on Epic, edit the presentation so it is read only.

Map all attributes as plan attributes. Add all attributes as columns.
When I show a plan, 
The MyValueDefect as an Integer attribute to Defect. Can be edited on rows that are defects. Others not editable.
The MyValueEpicRO cannot be edited, even on Epic
The MyValueEpic can be edited on Epic (even though the presentation is read only). Cannot be edited on non-Epics.

It looks like your situation is expected.

Lawrence Smith [IBM]

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