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Eclipse plugin not rendering in Eclipse NEON

Norman Dignard (356690170) | asked Jul 11 '19, 11:22 a.m.

 We're migrating one of our major systems into JAZZ.  The groups is still accessing JAZZ usage in their dev env to ensure a smooth transition in adoption  for production work.

Currently they are seeing issues in 2 dev envs and are wondering why. 
Their envs
Centos 6, Eclipse NEON, RTC 605 plugin 
Centos 7, Eclipse NEON, RTC 605 plugin

They are seeing the following problems
- rich hover over builds, streams gives a black popup nothing rendered in it were there should be
- opening project process - team operation behavior - does not populate . You see the various columns but no values in any of them were their should be.
- opening various pains - streams, builds , etc. don't render until you resize the window.

Is there a compatibility issue with NEON and the RTC plugin?

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