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Importing defects from ClearQuest

Sudheer Rugbeer (11521430) | asked Mar 09 '15, 9:12 a.m.

I am assisting a client with their migration of Defects from CQ to RTC, and I am running into the following issues:

1. Using the CQ Importer from the RTC Eclipse Client, defects that have multiple parent/child links are not being migrated into RTC. Only one of the links are being created (Note that I am migrating these links to 'Related' links). The exported XML also only shows one of the links, so it appears to be an issue with the export step.

2. When importing any links, all defects that where in the Closed state are being reopened (New state). Looking at the WI history shows that the state was Closed during the import, but then was changed to New after the link was created. If I exclude the links during the export step, then the import into RTC preserves the states.

Any idea why I'm experiencing these issues?


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