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scm deliver throws an error "local file system is out of sync"

Nagarani Boggarapu (1025) | asked Feb 24 '15, 6:19 a.m.
I am using RTC scm from command line.
I created a new workspace for myself.
I was able to load, share the directory of the files which i need to checkin, create changeset, associate a work item to the changeset, check in the change set successfully using scm cli.
But when i deliver my changes i get the local file system out of sync error as below:

C:\Users\Administrator.KVM210-W2K8>scm deliver 1014
Delivering changes:
    (1015) "is-onprem-dataclass_IA_for_jenkins" --> (1011) "is-onprem-dataclass_
        (1012) "sorcerer"
            (1014) ""
Components out of sync:
(1012) "sorcerer"
Problem running 'deliver':
Local filesystem is out of sync. Run 'scm load' with --force option to reload the workspace.

Can anyone help me in getting this problem resolved?

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Ralph Schoon (61.6k33643) | answered Feb 24 '15, 9:07 a.m.
This is a typical symptom for this scenario:
  • A repository workspace has been loaded to disk
  • The local files on disk where changed without noticing the repository workspace

You need to run a SCM status to detect local changes.

Another scenario is that

  • The repository workspace has been loaded and changed somewhere else

In this case the repository workspace here detects files on the file system are inconsistent to its state, which is not supposed to happen, because the same repository workspace should only loaded and modified once.

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