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RTC 3.0.1 Task Board Task entry not accepting Space character

michael entler (171227) | asked Feb 10 '15, 4:59 p.m.

Have a Scrum template project and they have set up a task board. They are using IE 11. User who is a team member can select create task and it is created but he goes to type into field, and it will not accept any space characters, only alpha numeric.

Example:  he types in   "This is a task" and all it accepts is "Thisisatask".

He doesn't have this problem going through the visual studio interface, just the task board.

Another user who is a scrummaster role said they were able to create a task and name it once, but the next one they were also getting this space character problem.

Has anyone seen anything like this? 

FYI we are in the process of procuring server to upgrade to 5.X but in the mean time we are stuck on 3.0.16

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