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Plan view counting different in Eclipse and Web UI: I.e. “Closed Items 5 / Open Items 0” vs “I.e. Closed Items 0 / Open Items 5”

Pascal Jean (6012340) | asked Jan 30 '15, 10:30 a.m.

I’m working with RTC 4.0.3
In the plan menu I defined a view starting with the options Group / Folder
When applying the view, several group are displayed with the counting of Items.
I.e. Closed Items 5 / Open Items 0

The view in the Web client

In the Eclipse Client,
the same view displayed the exact opposite of the counting or at least different counting.
I.e. Closed Items 0 / Open Items 5

The view in the Eclipse client

Does anyone already see such discrepancies?
I don't find out yet why such differences exist.

Thank you in advance
Pascal Jean

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