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RFE 64457 raised for JAZZ Reporting service - repackage installation into RTC/DNG/QM etc..

Norman Dignard (356686164) | asked Jan 15 '15, 8:52 a.m.
edited Jan 16 '15, 7:00 a.m. by Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12)

Anyone else a bit confused on the new JRS install? We just upgraded to 502 and noted this new capability. We are using tomcat.   

As we see it, you need to download and install (not setup)  RRDI just to get a war fir and a config dir so that you can copy it into your existing JAZZ install and config it.  As it is now it looks like you;d have to redo this setup the next time you upgrade JAZZ.  The docs are also confusing in that they state to start both JRS and JAZZ services. In a single instance install with JRS incorporated into tomcat, there is no seperate JRS to start.

It would be much more practical and efficent to incorporate the JRS install allong with RTC/DNG/QM install media. This would also address JAZZ upgrade issues saving time and resources.

I've rasied RFE 64457 on this so please add your name to the list.

Alastair Beadle commented Jan 15 '15, 9:17 a.m.

Yes - confused. I had a look at it and thought that anything other than out of the box reports still needed WebSphere. Is this no longer the case?
Added a vote to the RFE: RFE 64457

(by the way you may have a typo in the RFE - priority reads 'Lack of the RFE functionality...' - should be JRS?)

Norman Dignard commented Jan 15 '15, 9:38 a.m.

We tested this using using a default DNG/RTC/QM single instance install on windows using the default derby db and it worked.  We are trying to do the same on our testbed and prod servers but they are running on Linux.  Just toi install the RRDI media requires additional rpm's.  The RRDI docs do state this but for RH v7. Were running 6.3.   

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John Williams (7348) | answered Jan 19 '15, 4:07 p.m.
Hello Norman, thanks for your feedback and your effort in filing the RFE. I am John and I am a user experience designer working on reporting and analytics. I am responsible for the install and deploy experience, among other things.

We are in the process of completely re-vamping the delivery model whereas the JRS will become a more visible part/component of CLM. Thus, in the near future, JRS and its associated services (DCC, LQE, etc...) will be available as a part of the CLM delivery model. You will be able to simply select it as you install CLM and then set JRS up as the reporting component while you are setting up CLM. Upgrade will become much easier too as JRS will be more tightly integrated into the CLM setup. 

While this doesn't resolve the current confusion over the various reporting solutions, know that we recognize this and are working to make things easier to understand. Thus, your suggestion of what would be more practical and efficient is in the works as we speak.

All the best always--John

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