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Topology question for CLM 5.0.1

Narayanan Potti (27037279) | asked Dec 05 '14, 7:32 p.m.

Hello Forum members

I am planning CLM 5.0.1 installation  to support 400 users. Database is MS SQL Server and application server is WAS.

Database will be installed on a dedicated DB server. I would like to know if the standard single-server departmental topology, where applications JTS, CCM, QM and RM are installed on the same server as WAS will be able to support 400 users. Do I need to go for distributed enterprise topology and install each application in a dedicated, standalone server ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Robin Bater (3.4k47) | answered Dec 05 '14, 8:38 p.m.
The CLM performance datasheets, for each of the products, might help to answer your question:

It is often the number of users performing the same action like, everybody log in at once or things like that can cause a performance problem

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