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RQM 4.0.3 - the word importer doesn't import the test case from the custom default test case template

Natalia Trofimov (391712) | asked Nov 19 '14, 4:57 p.m.
edited Nov 19 '14, 4:59 p.m.
I created the custom test case template and made it default.
When importing the test data from Excel, the test case is created from the custom template that i created as I expected.
The word importer doesn't work; it creates the test case from predefined RQM default template.
Is it any work around to make it work?
Thanks in advance,

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Reshma Ratnani (1.1k1) | answered Nov 20 '14, 7:22 a.m.
Hi Natalia,

I dont think we support templates in ExcelWordImporter utility. Can you provide a sample which you used to set the template for testcase.


Natalia Trofimov commented Nov 20 '14, 10:23 a.m. | edited Nov 20 '14, 10:24 a.m.

Hi Reshma,

with Excel importer, I don't need to change the config file. I just set the custom test case template as default and it imports the test case with that template. <o:p> </o:p>

The word importer doesn't work the same and imports the test case with “out of the box” RQM template, even I set a different template to be default .

Natalia Trofimov commented Nov 21 '14, 10:48 a.m.

Please discard my question. the default template works in RQMwordimporter as well

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Natalia Trofimov (391712) | answered Nov 21 '14, 10:52 a.m.
To import the test data with RQMExcelWordImporter to the custom template, the custom template needs to be set as default

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