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In RQM, how can you link a Test Artifact to a Work Item in CCM

Jason Wilson (311226) | asked Oct 22 '14, 9:03 a.m.
Hello All....

I am wondering if there is a way from within RQM in which a Test Artefact (Test Plan, Test Case etc) can easily be linked to a Work Item in CCM.

The reason for this, occassionally a work item is created in order to remove data from a DB. This has no requirement changes etc, so nothing can be linked in RM. All details are added and associated to the work item.

I can see how this is don via the work item, however I cannot see any way of doing this from within RQM.

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Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9282269) | answered Oct 22 '14, 11:55 a.m.
edited Oct 22 '14, 12:02 p.m.

I have a Development Items section for my Test Cases that I can link RTC Work Items. Are you looking for something different?

Jason Wilson commented Oct 23 '14, 2:47 a.m.

Hi Stirling,

Yes, so what I am after in the Test Plan and Test Case is something that allows me to link those test artefacts to a work item artefact that is held in CCM.

I can see I can add the link if I go into the work item in CCM but cannot see how I can do this from RQM.

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Sumant Renukarya (1.1k23339) | answered Oct 22 '14, 10:43 a.m.
Hi Jason

I haven't really tested your use case in my set-up but does this help?

I will try this and let know with the findings later. 

Jason Wilson commented Oct 23 '14, 2:45 a.m.

Hi Sumant,

This is not what I am after.

Where normally you would link a Test Plan and Test Case to a requirement in RM or DOORS I want to link it to a Work Item as no requirement has changed and it may be just a script to delete data out of a DB.

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